Thank You!

To all the countless friends, neighbors, schools, teachers and community members who have helped, continue to help and generously donated to support my daughter,

There are no words that my daughter and I can ever say that comes close to how grateful we are to everyone for their love and support!  It will be a long and hard journey for my daughter, as both of us try to heal and move on.  It is good to know that we will not be doing this alone.  I am hoping that something good will come out of this experience.

With immense gratitude,

HBT Student’s Mom


HBT Student Needs Your Support!



HBT Student at 2015 Westchester Ping Pong Tournament

On Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 around 9:30 PM,  HBT 6th grader and her mother were coming home from ping pong practice when a 59 year old alleged drunk driver from Huntington, hit their car head on. According to news reports, the driver is alleged to have drunk 9 glasses of wine.

Unfortunately, mom and daughter have no close family here in the US.  The mom cannot properly take care of her daughter with the injuries she has to herself.

Only time will tell on how well the 6th grader’s brain will recover from the trauma of the accident and surgery.  We all pray and hope that this  6th grade honor roll student from HB Thompson Middle School and nationally ranked ping pong player, will be able to resume a normal and healthy life.

Last month the student ranked in the top 5 in the US for her age and under.  This year she is scheduled to compete in multiple national tournaments.  She was a hopeful candidate for the US national team.  She now has to drop out of many major tournaments.  Her road to recovery will be a long and difficult one.

The Chinese American Association of Syosset (CAAS), along with the school, friends and neighbors have rallied together to help the family, but we realize that it is not enough which is why we are looking for your support!

Please click on the Donate button on the top left to lend your support to this HBT Student and her mom! 

CAAS is a 501c non profit supporting the family and all donations are tax deductible.  For more information about CAAS please click on this link CAAS.

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